The BEST Christmas Treats!

60 of our FAVORITE Christmas cookies, bars, candies, and treats in one easy spot! #christmas #baking #dessert #holidays

Of all the great things about the holiday season there is nothing better than the desserts.  Bring on the cookies! And then the fudge! And whatever other sugary goodness you’ve got. I’ll take it all, my friend. 😉 

To celebrate the occasion, here are the 12 days of Christmas as a dessert flavor song:

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

12 peppermint recipes

11 sugar cookies

10 fudge flavors

9 cranberry treats

8 chocolate peanut butter things

7 different pies

6 pumpkin treats

5 lbs gained this year!

4 low carb treats 

3 gingerbread desserts

2 dipped pretzels

And an amazing group of people to share it all with!

Thank you for singing this in your voice instead of mine, I promise it sounded better than if I would have sung it!

I’ve rounded up 60 Christmas treats for you…head to the kitchen, because you’ll want to bake them all!

The Best Christmas Treats!

All of the best Christmas cookies, bars, candies, and fudge we could find! Hope you enjoy!