Gingerbread Bars

Gingerbread bars with some dark chocolate chips snuck in for good measure. Skip the hours of cookie cutting and get straight to the good stuff.

Dark Chocolate gingerbread Bars recipe
Can we talk about gingerbread for a minute?

The best part about gingerbread, as a kid, was the rolling out the dough. The cutting it into shapes of little people. The gallons of icing and little candies for decorating. The sprinkles.

Oh, god. The sprinkles.

Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Bars
Now I’m an adult, y’all. (Oh, shuddup. I am! I might not always act like it, but I totally am.)

The worst part about gingerbread is the rolling out the dough. (Flour everywhere.) The cutting into little people shapes. (My kids don’t know how to properly align the cookie cutters to make the most of the space and heaven help you if you don’t let them do the cooking cutting.) The icing and candies. (Nobody has time to be scraping colored icing off of their furniture and/or ceiling fan.) And, of course, the sprinkles.

Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Bars
We could decorate cookies once a year and I’d still find sprinkles in my underwear drawer, the bathroom vanity, and out in the garage behind an unpacked box from when we moved 3 months ago.

Sprinkles are magical. In a bad way. They hide and they multiply and, I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but I think they’re trying to take over the world.

So! I made gingerbread bars and I don’t even care that I’m ruining my children’s childhoods. These bars are amazing! They’re thick and chewy and so perfectly spiced. Did I mention how I snuck some dark chocolate chips in there? ‘Cuz I did. Lots of ‘em. White chocolate would be pretty nice too. Or milk chocolate. Or basically whatever chocolate you have will work great, because oh, right…chocolate.

Make your holiday a teensy bit easier this year and share the love with these gingerbread bars.

You know what else taste better as bars? Snickerdoodles and Red Velvet Cheesecake, that’s what.

Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Bars

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