Cheese. Yes, please.

Husband forgive me for I have sinned. You see, I went back to that grocery store. You know? The one with all the fancy cheeses?

I didn’t go there on purpose. I just happened to pass it on the way home from the dentist and we were out of milk so I stopped!

What? No, I didn’t get any milk at the store. My cart…it was too full…of cheese.

Besides, just LOOK at these cheeses. It’s not like I could pass them up. You need Pecorino Romano if you want to make good garlic bread and I know how you like good garlic bread!

And this! This stuff is called Wunderbar Brick Cheese! How could I leave that at the store, all sad and lonely? It looks so soft and creamy! I might use it as my pillow tonight.

Oh, and the Havarti? With dill? Yes, please. Havarti cheese just melts in your mouth and I, for one, don’t think I should have to live without it. Besides, it has green stuff in it which means it must be healthy! It is my job to make sure we eat a healthy, well-balanced diet full of green flecks!

But, this one? This funky cheddar with the Buffalo sauce? I don’t really have an excuse for this one. It just called out to me and I couldn’t say no.

Sorry ’bout that. The Buffalo Wing cheese was definitely a poor choice for this sissy-la-la. It made me cry. And not the good tears.

If I make you a snack will you forgive me? Here, how about some cheese?

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