Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

First off, I should mention that these cookies are just plain ridiculous.




And, yes, completely delicious.

I first saw these over at Jenny’s blog Picky Palate (I kinda have a crush on Jenny.) and I knew that my family would go crazy over these cookies. You see, these aren’t just any chocolate chip cookies. There’s a super secret surprise inside. A cookie in the cookie. What’s not to love?

Also? They’re huge. Beyond huge. They’re more or less three cookies in one.  You take a ball of cookie dough and smoosh it on the top of an Oreo. Then you take another ball of cookie dough and smoosh it on the bottom of the Oreo. Moosh it all together to seal the Oreo in and there you have it…one ridiculous, absurd, ludicrous, outrageous cookie.

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies


  • 2 sticks butter, softened
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 10 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 package Oreo cookies - I used Double Stuf


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In the bowl of a stand mixer, cream together the butter and sugars. Add in the eggs and vanilla and mix until well combined.
  3. In a separate bowl, mix the flour, baking soda, and salt. Slowly add to the wet mixture and combine thoroughly. Stir in the chocolate chips.
  4. Chill the dough for 15 minutes to make it easier to work with and to keep the dough from spreading when baking.
  5. Using a cookie scoop place one scoop of dough on top of an Oreo cookie. Place another single scoop on the bottom of the Oreo to create a cookie sandwich. Seal the edges together to completely close in the Oreo.
  6. Place the balls of cookie dough on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 9-13 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes and then transfer to a wire rack.

recipe from Picky Palate


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89 Responses to “Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. autumn March 25, 2011 @ 12:15 pm (#

    wow!!!!!!!!! these look AMAZING!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL.


  2. Sherry H April 10, 2011 @ 12:26 pm (#

    Wow! Made these last night and all I can say is “WOW!” They are so yummy! I feel like I’ve made fancy gourmet cookies. I had just one with a huge glass of milk, but that was all I needed to satisfy my craving. So, so good!


  3. Lindsay June 5, 2011 @ 6:46 pm (#

    I had GREAT success with this recipe. I made a batch of these for some guys I know in a well known Metal band. Whenever I get a chance to see them, I always make them cookies. It’s pretty much expected now!
    Anyway, I wanted to step up my game so I decided to try these. Let me tell you, they ALL LOST THEIR MINDS!!! All the guys were talking about them- amongst the rest of the bandmembers, crew, and generally any random person that happened to walk by! One of them claimed that I was going to be famous because I invented them!!! LOL! I had to break it to him gently though that I did not infact invent this recipe & that I had found it online. 😉 You can bet I will DEFINITELY be making these again! Thanks for the kick-ass recipe! 😛


  4. Sharon June 19, 2011 @ 7:14 pm (#

    BIG Father’s Day hit… Thanks!


  5. Claire August 23, 2011 @ 8:46 am (#

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. You are a genius. We made some for the office and, oh dear heavens, they were the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth. Seriously. Better than pizza (and that’s saying something). Thank you!


  6. kim September 14, 2011 @ 4:06 pm (#

    How much does this yield, i am planning in making these for my foods class.


  7. bruinsfan September 26, 2011 @ 10:29 pm (#

    To all those that have made these cookies before, can you tell me if the Oreo cookie inside gets soft or does it remain crunchy?



  8. Bella Blue October 6, 2011 @ 3:48 am (#

    These are soooo yummy, I made them as a flat warming gift and they were gone in minutes, I defiantly recommend making them they were a big hit with me and my friends after all we are cookie experts :)


  9. Humaine October 20, 2011 @ 8:55 am (#



  10. african foods February 21, 2012 @ 5:17 pm (#

    I just love your recipe.. Im just surfing around to be inpired to my african food recipe, but now i have to try this


  11. Gangadhar May 31, 2012 @ 7:59 am (#

    Candy Cane Bar Cookies1 cup butter (2 stkics)1 cup white granulated sugar1 egg14 teasp. Peppermint extract12 teasp. Salt23 cup finely crushed miniture candy canes (measure after crushing)6 drops red food coloring2 cups packed flour1 cup chocolate chips (6 oz. bag)2 cups chocolate chips (12 oz. bag)Melt the butter in a microwave safe bowl for 1 minute 30 seconds on high. Set it on the counter to cool.Place the sugar in the bowl add the egg, and beat with a mixer until it’s a uniform color.Add the peppermint extract, salt, and finely crushed minitature candy canes. Mix it all up.Add the 6 drops of red food coloring. Mix it in thoroughly.Feel the bowl with the butter. If you can cup your hands around it comfortably, you can add it to your mixing bowl now. Mix it in slowly at low speed. If it’s still too warm to add, wait until it’s cooler and then do it.Add the flour in half cup increments, beating after each addition.Stir in one cup chocolate chips by hand.Spread the batter evenly into a greased 9-13 inch pan. Bake at 350% for 25 minutes or until it feels firm on the top.Remove the pan from the oven and sprinkle it with the remaining two cups of chocolate chips. Immediately cover with a inverted cookie sheet. Let it sit for three minutes. Then take of the cookie sheet, and spread out the melted chips like frosting with a spatula.Cool completely and then cut into brownie sized squares.


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  13. Dina P July 10, 2014 @ 8:57 pm (#

    This is the best choc o chip cookie recipe. I have made these with whole Oreos half Oreos and I just use this as my go to chocolate chips recipe. They are never flat and are the perfect consistency. Thank you!!!!!!!!



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