Meatloaf Quesadilla

Forget a cold meatloaf sandwich! This cheesy meatloaf quesadilla is outrageous - especially when dipped in the meatloaf sauce!

So, uh, can we chat for a minute? About meatloaf?

I’m obsessed, you guys. And I’m kind of embarrassed about it.

I feel like the only people who love meatloaf as much as I do are, well…grandparents. I’m not a grandparent yet. Although, we are getting an inground pool installed soon and the pool guy keeps insisting that our shallow end be only 3 feet deep because GRANDKIDS.

Dude. I am 34 years old. I am not basing my pool depth on grandkids. Just no.

Anyway, meatloaf.

I make it all the time. My bacon cheeseburger meatloaf is a family favorite. You should try it.

And then you should make yourself a meatloaf quesadilla with the leftovers. The dipping sauce is outrageous.

As part of my partnership with eBay, I’m sharing the recipe on their site. CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE!