Green Beans with Bacon, Onions, and Tomatoes

I have this weird love of green beans. I’m not a huge veggie fan (I know! You’re shocked!), but green beans? Hand ’em over.

I like to cook them until all of the nutritional value has evaporated, of course. It just makes them taste so much yummier.

I also like to cook them with bacon. Bacon makes everything edible. Even beans. True story.

You might notice that there are no tomatoes in the photos I’m showing you, but that’s just because I was all out.


Green Beans with Bacon, Onions, and Tomatoes

Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 10 mins
Servings: 8 servings
Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: easy recipes, holiday recipes, vegetables
Calories: 142 kcal

These green beans are always a hit at every holiday.


  • 6 slices bacon
  • 1 small onion diced
  • 56 ounces canned green beans
  • 14 ounces canned diced tomatoes
  • Salt to taste


  1. Chop the bacon into 1/2 inch pieces and place in a large, hot skillet over medium heat. Fry until just starting to brown.

  2. Stir in the onions and continue cooking until the bacon crisps and the onions soften.
  3. Add the green beans and juice from the can to the skillet and scrape the bottom of the pan. 

  4. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and cook for one hour, stirring in water or chicken broth as needed to keep the pan from getting completely dry.

  5. Stir in the canned tomatoes (drained) and cook for a few minutes until heated through. 

  6. Add salt to taste.

Nutrition Facts
Green Beans with Bacon, Onions, and Tomatoes
Amount Per Serving (8 g)
Calories 142 Calories from Fat 63
% Daily Value*
Fat 7g11%
Saturated Fat 2g13%
Cholesterol 10mg3%
Sodium 192mg8%
Potassium 557mg16%
Carbohydrates 16g5%
Fiber 6g25%
Sugar 8g9%
Protein 6g12%
Vitamin A 1425IU29%
Vitamin C 29.5mg36%
Calcium 91mg9%
Iron 2.6mg14%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Nutrition Disclaimer: All information presented on this site is intended for informational purposes only. I am not a certified nutritionist and any nutritional information shared on should only be used as a general guideline.