Cracker Barrel Cheese. Because: Cheeeeeeese.

Oh, hello there, fellow cheese lovers.

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Chicago to meet the (seriously fabulous) people at Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese.

Oh, you guys. If you had told me that I would grow up to have a job that includes trips full of cheese and wine I would have…well, I don’t know. Been excited? Cried tears of joy? Ran around the block screaming about how awesome my life was going to be?

Yeah. All of that.

The Cheeeeeese Team

The Cheeeeeese Team

So, the trip. It started out with me and 9 other bloggers learning all about the brand. May I take a moment here to tell you that, yes, I was paid to go on this trip, write this post (as well others, to be shared with you over the next few months), and basically eat cheese? Okay, so you got that? Now, let me remind you that all of the opinions and words and generally non-stop talkyness I’m doing are my own opinions. Because, duh. That’s how I roll. We clear?



Chef Mike, doing his thang, talking about cheese.

Back to learning about the brand, then. I fell in love with Cracker Barrel. The brand, the story, the cheese. I fell in love with the amazing employees that work there. I fell in love with their fabulous PR team. I fell in love with each and every blogger that they invited on this trip. It was just a great big love fest.

Did you know that there are honest to goodness cheese competitions? I mean, besides the ones you have when you’re all alone and you time yourself to see how quickly you can eat an entire block of cheddar. I’m talking hardcore cheese competitions with thousands of cheeses and judges that pretty much live and breathe cheese. (Side note: how do I become a cheese judge?)

What do bloggers do when a plate of cheese is placed in front of them? They Instagram it. Then they stuff their faces.

What do bloggers do when a plate of cheese is placed in front of them? They Instagram it. Then they stuff their faces.

You’re thinking that the cheese that takes home the gold medal probably costs around eleventy billion dollars per pound, right? Well, my friends, Cracker Barrel Aged Reserve won the gold. And it’s, like, totally reasonably priced. (Feeling extra super bargainy? I have a special coupon code for you, good while supplies last!)

We did a lot of cheese tasting and the Aged Reserve truly was a winner. I loooooved it. The Vermont Sharp White and Extra Sharp Cheddar were my other two favorites. Seriously, guys. Cracker Barrel knows their cheese.

Cheese curds!

Cheese curds!

We learned a bit about how cheese was made. Did you know it takes ten pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese? Truth.

Cheese and white chocolate? Surprisingly delicious.

Cheese and white chocolate? Surprisingly delicious.

Then we ate more cheese. Because, well, why not?

That evening we were treated to an amazing dinner at Little Goat. Chef Stephanie Izard (Top Chef winner!) cooked a six course meal right in front of us. It was a really neat experience.

Then the icky germs that my daughter was spreading all over our house the weekend before I left for Cracker Barrel must have kicked in, because I got totally sick and spent the next day in bed. So sad! But, the peeps at Cracker Barrel brought me some Saltines and Gatorade, which not only made my tummy feel better, but made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Wednesday was a gorgeous brunch with more cheese pairings. I can’t wait to share some of the fun flavors that the Cracker Barrel chefs whipped up for us.

All in all, it was a really amazing trip and I’m so excited to be working with Cracker Barrel.

Love and cheese, my friends. That’s all you need in life.


Note: All photos in this post used with permission and credited to Todd Rosenberg/Cracker Barrel.