Let’s Get Linky!

It’s a New Year and a New You and a New Me and a New Blog Feature!

Or, you know, not. This New Year’s stuff doesn’t mean much to me. I mean, things are prettttttty much the same way they were last week, but now there is a different number to remember. I’m not very New Yearsy, as you can see.

But, I did want to test out some new things on the blog this year to make it bettah for you, the reader. So, first up, I thought we’d try a link party! Now, most of you probably have participated in link parties before, if you’re a blogger. You basically just include a link to one of your recent favorite posts below. Easy peasy. If you’re not a blogger, you may not have seen this before! Down below is a bunch of links to other content on the internet. This is such a fun way to find new blogs to read, new recipes to make, new projects to add to your never-ending to-do list, and so on and so forth! Next week I’ll come back and feature 5 of my favorites, including links and photos, and then I’ll pin the crap outta those features too.

Now, I’m just as scared of change as the next guy, so this link party right here is just a little trial run. I want to know how YOU feel about it. Do we want this to become a regular feature? Would you rather I just continue on blabbering about food and fat pants all the time?

If you choose to link up, please leave a comment and tell me you did so! The fabulous One Creative Mommy is letting Lemons for Lulu and me cohost her weekly party. I’d love to know where the links come from, so if you’re one of my readers and you link up, please comment so I know!

If you choose not to link up and this is a feature you hate and don’t want to see again, can you also let me know that? Comment publicly or email me privately ([email protected]). I just want to make Buns In My Oven better for YOU.

Now, onto the good stuff!