Olive Garden – Sponsored Post

Olive Garden – Sponsored Post

Planning a time to get together with my girlfriends is always difficult. If one of us is available only on Tuesdays, someone else is...

barilla whole grain pasta

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta

A quick and simple lunch. Serves one mama and two hungry kiddos.

sandwich cookies recipe

Homemade Oreo Cookies

Pin It Much to the disappointment of my children, I don’t buy prepackaged cookies at the grocery store. I don’t want to be all...

school day

Random Thing Thursday

That title makes it sound like Random Thing Thursday is going to happen every Thursday, doesn’t it? And the way I capitalized the title...

simple cake recipe

Gooey Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cake

Pin It We all know that I’m not much of a cake baker. I mean, sure, I try. But, I usually fail. Layers split...

crock pot dulce de leche recipe

Crockpot Dulce De Leche

Pin It Y’all. You’re not going to believe what I did. Or maybe you’ve already done it yourself, so it’s not that big of...

cinnamon and sugar cake donut recipe

Baked Donuts

Pin It It appears that I have a problem. A donut problem. I’m not sure how it happened. I’ve never been a donut person....

recipe for donut pudding

Hot Fudge Covered Strawberry Donut Pudding

When Shelly sent out an email asking a bunch of food bloggers to share a Valentine’s Day recipe all on the same day, I...

goat cheese bacon ball recipe

Goat Cheese Bacon Balls

Pin It So, I hear there’s a big game coming up? Something about a ball? That gets kicked? Or maybe thrown? Who can say...

hot fudge and peanut butter banana bread

Hot Fudge Fluffernutter Banana Bread

  Pin It You know how some people substitute applesauce for oil in recipes? I’m clearly not one of those people. I took a...