Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas

Is it too soon for another Mexican-ish recipe? Y’all seemed to love the Taco Pie, so I have high hopes that you’ll enjoy this recipe just as much. I sure did.

I am a huge fan of the cheese enchiladas from our local Mexican restaurant and believe me, I have tried my best to recreate them at home. I just can’t ever get them right, though. The cheese, the sauce, the consistency of it all just never seems to work out the way I imagine it too.

I still haven’t mastered that recipe, but I don’t really care anymore. Now I have these cream cheese chicken enchiladas and they are, dare I say it, even better. They are so creamy with just the perfect amount of spice and the most genius addition I can think of: corn. Yep, corn. In an enchilada.

The corn just gives these this perfect little unexpected sweet crunch. I love it. I bet you will too.

Recipe slightly adapted from Taste and Tell