The Big Announcement

No. I’m not pregnant.

I’m also not writing a cookbook.

HOWEVER. homescreen image

My husband and I have just launched a second blog devoted to LOW CARB RECIPES and to be perfectly honest, it feels a bit like giving birth to a new child.

Minus the pain meds, which is a shame, because pain meds always help me sleep so nicely.

Anyway, you guys, we heard you.

You LOVE low carb and keto recipes and you want more more more.

In an effort to keep Buns In My Oven a place for busy mamas looking for family meal ideas, I’m transitioning new low carb content over to…drumroll, please…That Low Carb Life

That’s right, friends. Our newest little baby is ready for you to stop by and love her.

cheddar and cauliflower salad

That right there is a little preview of the good things living over on That Low Carb Life! Click for the cauliflower potato salad with bacon!

A little Q&A about what this means for you:

Is Buns In My Oven going away? 

Dude. No. Wouldn’t even dream of it.

What if I think low carb is awful and I’m not interested in that content? 

Totally cool! Just don’t click over to That Low Carb Life and you’ll never even know what’s happening over there. The two sites are totally separate.

What if I ONLY want low carb recipes? 

Well, I’ll be super sad to see you leave Buns In My Oven, but I totally understand that some of you found your way here from viral Facebook videos of low carb recipes and you’ve been a little surprised to see that I’m not exclusively low carb.

pop up to subscribe to thatlowcarblife

You can hop over to That Low Carb Life and, after about 20 seconds of looking around, you should get a pop up on the page asking you to subscribe to the newsletter. Alternately, click this link to subscribe.

How do you have time to run two blogs? 

Okay, nobody is actually probably wondering that aside from me. But just for fun the answer is oh sweet heavens, I have no idea.

(Also, if you’re wondering how my husband and I are going to manage to work together on this little venture without murdering each other, I can tell you that the secret is he’s letting me be the boss. Winning.)

Where do I sign up? 

You can hop over to anytime to find free low carb recipes. Subscribe to our FREE newsletter here. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Please know that we’re in the very early stages, so content is a bit sparse right now. Plan for things to amp up later this month!

So, just to be clear, nothing is changing on Buns In My Oven, right? 


Rather than posting low carb recipes sporadically on this site, I’ll be posting them consistently on That Low Carb Life.

I will, however, be linking to the other site within my usual posts so you don’t miss things.  I mean, the majority of those recipes are PHENOMENAL (if I do say so myself) whether you’re on a low carb diet or not. You really don’t want to miss out on things like healthy egg salad or pan fried Brussel sprouts, right? But, if the recipes don’t interest you, don’t click the link. 😉

Thank you all so much.

Without you, Buns In My Oven wouldn’t exist and I certainly wouldn’t be setting off on another new adventure in the blogosphere.

I really do have some of the best, most supportive, and loyal readers. I’m blessed to have all of you in my life.

Whether you take the time to comment on my recipes, share my Facebook posts, or just silently stop by and check out my recipes, please know that you truly are the heart of this website and I am beyond grateful for all you. <3