Two Ingredient Caramel Ice Cream – No Ice Cream Machine Required!

So, I sorta outdid myself here.

Yes, I’m patting myself on the back.

No, I don’t think that’s odd.

I made ice cream. From two ingredients. Without an ice cream machine.

I’ve seen Shelly mention that you can make ice cream from a pint of cream and a can of condensed milk, but when I went to my pantry I was out of condensed milk. Sad face!

What I did have, however, was a can of  dulce de leche.

Um, dulce de leche is just cooked sweetened condensed milk, right?

Let the experimenting begin!

I was so excited to pull this ice cream from my freezer and dig in!

You should probably go pop all this into your blender or KitchenAid (instructions for both below…you can even use a handheld mixer!), wait a few hours for it to freeze, sprinkle on a little sea salt, and then go to town. And, to be clear, by “go to town” I actually mean “take a bath in this stuff and then suck it up with a straw.”

I used my Blendtec for this recipe and was amazed at how quickly it whipped the cream. If you’re in the market for a ridiculous blender that will blend ridiculous things like iPhones and skeletons (This is the preferred blender of serial killers! Kidding! Don’t tell Blendtec I said that.), you should check back by next Friday. I’ll be telling you all the things I love about mine and giving one away. (Say it with me now: Squeeeeeeeeeee!)

Two Ingredient Caramel Ice Cream

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  • 1 pint heavy whipping cream 1 14 ounce can dulce de leche (make your own or purchase it in the ethnic foods aisle at your grocery store) sea salt, optional


If using a blender:
Place the whipping cream in the blender and blend until you have whipped cream. On my blendtec this takes about 20 seconds.
Scrape the dulce de leche into the whipped cream and blend for another 30 seconds or until well combined.
You will have a frothy golden liquid. Take a sip. Now, take another. Okay, now put it in a freezer safe dish and freeze for 6 hours or until frozen. Sprinkle with salt before serving.
To make this with a stand mixer or handheld mixer:
Place the whipping cream in a bowl and beat until you have soft peaks. With the mixer still on, drop in globs of the dulce de leche until the entire can has been added to the mixture.
Pour the mixture into a freezer safe dish and freeze for 6 hours or until frozen solid. Sprinkle with salt before serving.

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