Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Spread

This cheese spread recipe is made from a base of cream cheese and cheddar and loaded with bits of spicy jalapenos and crispy bacon!
Salty, spicy, creamy cheese dip full of bacon and jalapenos!

Get yo’ crackers ready. I have a cheese spread that is just made for…spreading?

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you all for the kind words you left about me moving again. I whined, you read, then you commented and told me that I’m very entertaining when I whine. Aaaaand, now my husband hates you.

“But my blog readers love it when I whine! It’s part of my charm! What do you mean you don’t think it’s very attractive? Why would your ears be bleeding? I don’t understand why you don’t love me anymore.”

All that up there pretty much sums up what it’s like to be married to me. With a side of bug-killing and garbage-taking-outing. I’m a lady.  I don’t deal with that kind of thing.

Salty, spicy, creamy cheese dip full of bacon and jalapenos!

So, I’m all over the place here. Let’s just talk about the food and ignore everything I typed up above, shall we? Purrrrrfect, said in the voice of my dead cat. (No, seriously. Let’s just talk about the food now.)

We have bacon. Because bacon. We have jalapenos. Pickled ones, because 1) I’m a sissy and 2) I’m obsessed with all things pickled at the moment. Then we have cream cheese and cheddar cheese and a little bit of mayo, but if you’re a mayo hater then you can just swap in some Greek yogurt or extra cream cheese or whatever your little heart desires.

This whips up pretty quickly, especially if you’re a cheater and you use one of those bags of bacon crumbles instead of real, live, honest to goodness bacon. Desperate times, though. I get it. Use yo’ crumbles. I won’t judge.

This is great on crackers, obvi, but it’s also good spread on a cheeseburger, a bagel, your face, your baby’s toes, and a spoon.

I’m a cheese spread recipe lover and my other go to recipe is this Pimento Cheese! It’s great on crackers or in a grilled cheese.

Salty, spicy, creamy cheese dip full of bacon and jalapenos!

Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Spread


4 ounces cheddar, grated
4 ounces pepper jack, grated
2 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 strips bacon, cooked and crumbled
3 tablespoons diced pickled jalapenos
1/2 teaspoon juice from jar of jalapenos


Add all ingredients to a medium bowl and stir well to combine. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavors to meld. Serve with crackers.