Would it be weird if I mentioned that my pants were unbuttoned?

Oh, y’all. Yesterday was a happy day. A happy day, indeed.

It started out at my parents’ house and the kitchen looked like this:

(Eek! Crappy iPhone photo!)

What you’re seeing there is cranberry sauce (Homemade, by me, for the first time ever! The verdict, according to my mom: “Well…it’s not horrible. Thanks, mom. Love you, too! I’m happy to report that everyone else liked it and she doesn’t like cranberry sauce anyway, so WHAT DOES SHE KNOW? Also, I may have told her it was gross before she tasted it and so she was expecting the worst.), roasted vegetables, sausage dressing, green beans cooked in bacon (yum!), a super tasty sweet potato casserole that I will get the recipe for and share with you very soon, scalloped corn, devilled eggs, rolls, french bread, loaded potato casserole (more bacon, FTW!) and, not pictured is the super tasty turkey. Also, the pumpkin and buttermilk pies.

That’s a lot of dang food. I ate a little bit of all of it. Then I died.

After that I went to my in-laws house and did it all again, but this time no pictures were taken as I was too busy unbuttoning my pants to make room for the next round of delicious Thanksgiving-like foods.

I’ll be back Monday with a cookie recipe. Then back again later with more cookie recipes. And maybe again after that, if you’re lucky.

In the meantime, why not get yourself in the holiday spirit by reading a bit about my holiday traditions (and find out how to win a trip home from the holidays courtesy of Folgers in the process!) right HERE.

After that you should go check out my review of a super fantastic processor for your computer and enter to win a $250 gift card from Best Buy!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear the leftovers calling my name from the fridge.

Hope y’all had a wonderful Turkey Day!