Repeats. The Savory Side.

As a food blogger, I think that I tend to make quite a variety of foods. Not because I’m all worldly, fancy, or cool (I’m totally not), but because you guys would probably get tired of reading here if I posted the same recipe over and over. Or no?

I didn’t realize when I started this little blog how much variety it would add to my life. I honestly try foods that I would have never tried before…all in the name of blogging. I am also much more likely to experiment with recipes or whip up something that comes from my own brain instead of searching for recipes online. I love this little blog.

Anyway, one thing I do notice is that even though I love every single recipe I share here, a lot of them don’t get made again and again. I just don’t have time to try new recipes and remake the ones we’ve already fallen in love with.

I thought it’d be interested to go through all of my old posts and pull out the ones that get made again and again and share those with you. My favorites, if you will.

What I found was that, actually, I do remake quite a few of the recipes I share here! All of these recipes I’m featuring are ones that get made time and time again in my household. We’ll start with the savory goodies and I’ll be back later with the sweets!

I don’t do a lot of sandwiches, but this Chicken, Bacon, and Avocado sandwich is our favorite. Even my husband and kids will eat this one, which is supah strange considering there are funky veggies (roasted peppers and avocado) on the thing.

Saucy beef sandwiches are one of my favorite things to eat. So flavorful and so simple to make!

(And yes, I can HEAR you back there, whispering about how I just said we don’t eat many sandwiches and then posted two in a row. You hush your mouth, missy.)

These Bacon Pinwheels would be perfect as an appetizer, but the kids and I eat them as snacks quite a bit. They’re perfect.

Hot Bacon Dip. Don’t tell me that this serves a crowd, because it doesn’t. It serves me. Often.

Don’t even ask how often I make these Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas. I’d be too embarrassed to answer.

Alright, this Country Mozzarella Pasta (called THE PASTA in our house) comes out UGLY (something not helped by that horrid photo I managed to take…white balance? What white balance?). It’s a stringy, cheesy mess and I’d hesitate to serve it to company based on that fact alone. However, it is the most requested, most eaten, most favorite meal in our rotation. If I don’t make this weekly, I get complaints. It’s actually even yummy for breakfast if you have leftovers, but maybe I’m showing my weird side here?

I save these little BLT Tomatoes for special occasions when there aren’t a TON of people coming over. They’re kind of a pain to make, but they are so totally worth it.

Holy Guacamole. I don’t want to brag, but I make the best guac in the world. Fo’ real.

There were a few more, but I figured I’d stop here. I’ll be back with my repeat sweets another day! Oh, and please don’t judge the photos…some of those are from back when I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. Wait…do I really want to claim to know what I’m doing now? Probably not. ๐Ÿ˜‰