Random Thing Thursday

That title makes it sound like Random Thing Thursday is going to happen every Thursday, doesn’t it? And the way I capitalized the title in that last sentence? Also makes you think this is some big, exciting, new recurring event.

It’s not. I’m really not good at sticking to things, like weekly blog posts about random things. I’d fail almost immediately.

But, today I’m feeling random and it’s Thursday, so there you go.

1. My first random thing is Pinterest. I’m addicted, you’re addicted, everyone is addicted. Follow me on Pinterest, leave me a link to your account in the comments (hint: www.pinterest.com/your_user_name will take me where I can follow you) and I’ll click over and follow you back. Deal?

2. My second random thing is vacation. I’m going on one in ten days. A cruise…to the Bahamas…with no children…or husband. Just girls. It’s going to be one big slumber party/booze fest/sun burny good time. I can not wait. Would y’all rather I repost some old favorite recipes of mine from the archives or just go silent for the week? Do you really care? Does anyone even read the words I blather to the Internets anyway?

3. The third random thing is facebook. And how you would know how heartbreakingly adorable my daughter is if you followed me on facebook.

This morning, as she was eating her second breakfast of the day, she got all wistful looking and gave a big, dramatic sigh.

“I wish bacon grew on trees,” she said.

It’s like she’s my own little mini-me.

4. Is it too early for Spring cleaning? On the one hand, my house could really use a good, deep cleaning. On the other hand, does anyone want to come over and take care of that for me? I’m really not into manual labor.

5. This is what a school day around my house looks like:

Homeschooling is fun! But only because I get to be the teacher. And wear pajamas.

6. Have you tried that new cheesy bread from Domino’s Pizza? It’s outrageous. I ordered two of them last time so that one could be just for me. I made the husband and kids split the second one. Don’t judge me. Related: We’re having Domino’s for dinner tonight. (Not sponsored content, obviously. Just sharing my deep and undying love for all things cheese.)

7. Don’t freak out. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Want a hint of what tomorrow’s recipe might be? It’s a homemade version of my favorite store bought cookie. You should stop back by and check it out. You can find it right here.