Personal Creations – Sponsored Post

This is a sponsored post for Personal Creations. All opinions are, as always, my own.

You know what’s coming? Easter.

Do you know how I know this?

Well, yes, the springy smelling grass, the blooming flowers, and the fact that my children are currently wearing last summer’s clothing (that is about 3 inches too short in all the wrong places) is a big sign.

The real way that I know, though, is the Reese’s Easter Eggs. Lord help me, but I love those things. They are my most favorite of peanut butter cup shapes. There is just something perfect about the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate.

I also know that Easter is near, becauase I was asked to let y’all know about Personal Creation’s fabulous personalized Easter baskets.

I don’t know about your kids, but my daughter loves anything with her name on it. My son, at nearly 12 years old, is way too cool to get excited about such things, though. He’s practically an adult, GAWD, MOM.

I was given a $50 gift card to spend at Personal Creations and I chose a couple of cute felt gift bags. They turned out adorable, with big bunny pictures and, of course, my children’s names.

My kids won’t get to see them until Easter, but I’m sure they’ll be pleased.

The quality is great, and they’re very cute. They are, however, quite expensive and probably not something I would have purchased without the gift card. (Just keepin’ it real.) Each gift bag was $14.99 (I ordered 2), but after the fee for personalization, shipping, and taxes, my order came to just over $50.

I tend to purchase the cheap $1 baskets for my kids every year from the local dollar store, so my mind was sorta blown about the price. If fancy baskets are your thing (and I know lots of people who love fancy baskets) then these are the way to go.

Thanks for reading! Recipe tomorrow that you absolutely, positively do not want to miss. Its a new favorite of mine.