New Features!

Y’all might have noticed a few changes around here lately. Specifically, my recipes are formatted differently. I hope you like the way they look, because I LOVE it! They seem so much more clean and streamlined.

The best part isn’t how easy they are to read, though. The best part? PRINTABILITY. Yes, that’s a word. Shuddup.

The other best part? The universal recipe box! You’ll notice a blue button inside each recipe box that says “Save Recipe.” Click that and a box will pop up and ask you to log in. I know…I hate logging in to crap too, but you can log in via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, and more so you won’t need to remember another password. Click the button to add the recipe to your box and from there you can view all of the recipes you have saved or you can go to your shopping list.

That’s right. Shopping list. Right from my blog! Fun, right?

Keep in mind that your recipe box is universal. What that means is that you can add recipes from other sites using ZipList (the plugin that is allowing all of this magic to happen). Sites like Woman’s Day, Skinny Taste, A Southern Fairytale, and Recipe Girl. There are tons more sites using ZipList, so have fun adding recipes to your box from all over the web!

There are still some bugs. Every now and then you might try printing a recipe and it takes you to the printable version of the wrong recipe. I also haven’t had a chance to switch all of my old recipes over to the new format, so this is only working on the last month or two worth of recipes. I’m working on getting them all switched over, though. All of the bugs should be worked out soon as well.

If you have any questions about any of the new features, please let me know! Are there any other features you’d like to see? I’m planning a big site redesign for 2012, so I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have any requests or ideas!