New! And Exciting!

Y’all won’t believe it, but I have finally entered 2011 and created Buns In My Oven a facebook fan page. I know, right? It’s like I’m young and hip and totally rad!

Actually, I am kinda young. Not even 30 yet. So, let’s be honest, I have no reason at all for being so lame or using words like “rad” in a sentence. Unless “rad” is cool again? Have we brought that word back?

Life is so confusing.

Anyway! Our fun little facebook fan page is pretty sad, lonely, and boring right now, but it will one day be something fabulous and exciting. I’m thinking it will be a place where we can all chat, you can share some recipes with me (I’m tired of doing all the work, yo), and if I can figure out how, I’d like to create a little menu plan section where I share my menu each week. (Just promise not to judge when Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday all include the words “drive-thru.” I like food, but I also like being lazy. It’s who I am and I won’t let you change me.)

What would you like to see happen on the fan page? (Are they still even called fan pages?)

I would like to mention that if you need to get a hold of me quickly (like, you’re stuck in the middle of one of my recipes and can’t find your way out…hey, it’s happened before, it’ll happen again.) it’s best to just email me. I don’t get notifications from facebook when you write on my wall, so it may take me a bit to notice that. I’m pretty obsessive about email though and stalk my inbox regularly. You can get me at karly[at]bunsinmyoven[dot]com or through the contact page on this site.


What are you waiting for?

Click THIS LINK and hit that like button, buddy!

Thanks. You’re pretty. And you make me smile.