My Top 6 Reasons To Cruise For Your Next Family Vacation

Six reasons why cruising is the perfect family vacation! Especially if you're on a budget or travelling with kids!

Hi, friends!

I’m popping in today with a little list of all the reasons you should drop everything, pack your bags, and head out on a cruise. I mean, you know you want to.

As you probably know, Princess Cruises recently sent me and a friend on a cruise along the California coast. It was an unforgettable experience and one that I hope all of you will one day have as well. Cruising is such an amazing way to travel the world!

(Full disclosure: Princess sent my friend and I on this trip free of charge as well as compensated me to write about my experiences and share them with you. As always, all opinions are 1000000000% my own. <—That’s a lot of zeros, because I’m super serious about this.)

This was my third time cruising, though only my first time with Princess. I’m happy to report that I would absolutely cruise with them again. The ship was beautiful, the staff were so friendly and helpful, and it was just an all around luxurious vacation.

1. The food. No, really – it’s good.

The Chef's Table experience aboard the Ruby Princess!

I know. You’re imagining thousands of people on a boat with just a couple of kitchens – how good could the food really be? Oh, friends. I think you’ll be so surprised if you’ve never cruised before. The chef’s take such pride in their work and eating really is a highlight of the trip. Pack your stretchy pants and prepare to enjoy yourself!

I’ve also found that the fruit is usually local and perfectly ripe, the salads are always fresh and crisp, and the general quality of the food is just really high. The buffets are plentiful and usually better than you’d expect from a buffet, the main dining room is excellent quality, and the specialty restaurants are worth every extra penny you’ll pay for them.

That said, if you don’t want to spend extra on the specialty restaurants, you won’t feel as though you’ve missed out. The dining room is excellent.

2. Those sunsets, though.

My review of the Ruby Princess and our culinary cruise with Cat Cora!

I know, you can see the sun set from pretty much anywhere in the world. What’s so special about doing it on a cruise? Everything. It’s just plain magical to know that your miles and miles from land, surrounded by glorious water, while you watch the vibrant sun sink into the ocean. I will never get enough cruise sunsets in my life, no matter how many times I cruise.

My review of the Ruby Princess and our culinary cruise with Cat Cora!

The sunsets, of course, are second only to the sunrises.

3. The activities!

My review of the Ruby Princess and our culinary cruise with Cat Cora!

There really is something going on pretty much allllll the time. Between the pool and hot tubs, the live shows, the restaurants, the bars, and the surprisingly comfy beds, you’ll always have something to do. Yes, the beds count as something to do, because naps are vital on vacation. You’ll have a hard time finding time for it though, between all the other fun things going on.

Live music is a personal favorite of mine, especially when you can find someone playing who is as nice to look at as that guy up there. 😉

4. Excursions are my jam.

My review of the Ruby Princess and our culinary cruise with Cat Cora!

It’s super true that I’m not big on having an overly scheduled itinerary when I travel.

I’m on vacation and sticking to a schedule and making plans way in advance just seems like work. However, excursions take all the work out of planning.

You scroll through the list of options before you set out on the boat, you pick which one sounds good, you purchase it, and then you just show up at the designated meeting spot. The excursion staff takes care of the rest. You don’t need to worry about transportation or anything – it’s super simple and perfect for people who don’t want to stress but still want to have a blast.

5. It’s a budget friendly way to travel multiple places in one trip.

My review of the Ruby Princess and our culinary cruise with Cat Cora!

Our trip aboard the Ruby Princess netted me a visit to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ensanada, Mexico. There is no way that I could have visited all three of those places for the same price as what a cruise costs. It’s just super cost effective – especially when you factor in that your food is covered while on board the ship!

Of course, it doesn’t feel like a budget vacation – the staff goes out of their way to make everything feel luxorious. You’re pampered and you’re treated like royalty while you cheaply travel by ocean. What could be better than that?

6. Kids Club. Oh Sweet Heavens, the kids club.

My review of the Ruby Princess and our culinary cruise with Cat Cora!

If you have kids and you’ve taken them on vacation before, you know how much work that can be. You still have all those mom and dad duties, but you’re miles away from your routine. The kids club onboard the ships are where it’s at, my friends. The staff keeps the kids so entertained that you’ll have to drag them back to your room each night.

For that reason alone, cruising as a family vacation is my favorite. It’s just invaluable to be able to get a little adult time (for free, I might add!) while on vacation and still know that your kids are having just as good of a time as you are…maybe even a better time, if we’re being honest!

Those are my top 6 reasons to choose a cruise for your next vacation! Now tell me, have you ever cruised before? Do you plan to cruise in the future?