Monster Eye Cake Bars

Creepy Cake Bars! The perfect Halloween snack cake for kids. Happy Monday, y’all.

Doesn’t sound as lovely as Happy Friday always does, but I guess it will do.

I’m tuning in a little late this morning. Over the weekend we had a surprise party for my husband’s 35th birthday. It was a last minute scramble to pull together after some travel plans of mine were cancelled, but I think I pulled it off pretty nicely.

We had a little bonifre, ran out of hot dog buns, ate s’mores until we couldn’t fit another marshmallow in our mouths, and drank my world famous margaritas until they were coming out our ears. I don’t know why I haven’t shared my margaritas recipe with you yet, but I promise to do so soon. And actually, I do know why I haven’t shared it – it’s because we always drink them as soon as I make them. Whoopsies!

Creepy Cake Bars! The perfect Halloween snack cake for kids.

Anyway, today I’m still recovering from the party and the football game and the movie we went to see last night (The Martian – very good, highly recommend, we saw in 3D, but would be fine either way, I think). ย So, I’m copping out a bit and just directing you to a fun recipe that I already shared as part of my partnership with eBay! I love working with them and sharing recipes there – it’s like a little extension of this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, go check out my creepy cake bars. They’d make a super fun Halloween treat for the kids in your life this year! And they’re just about as simple as you’re guessing they are.