Leftover Eggs? I’ve got you covered.

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It’s time for the onslaught of eggs, y’all! I, for one, am excited! I happen to love leftovers. Especially when they are something as versatile as a boiled egg! There are so many fun things to do with leftover eggs and I thought I’d bring you guys a few ideas to get you inspired.

You might remember that I’ve been working with Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs for the last few months. I brought you some Egg Nog French Toast and some Spaghetti Alla Carbonara. This month you get boiled eggs! One of my favorite snacks!

Next month I’ll be back with a super fun giveaway courtesy of Safest Choice, so you’ll want to be sure to check that out! In the meantime, let’s talk eggs!

How many of you have yet to decorate Easter eggs this year? No worries. I’m a procastinator, too.

tie dyed eggs

Way back when, I shared this neat tutorial for tie-dying eggs! It’s a lot of fun and makes for a gorgeous Easter egg!

You’re not going to want to eat the tie-dyed eggs, but they do make for a pretty presentation! Generally, decorated eggs are fine to eat, so long as you’ve not left them out at room temperature for too long! We only hide our plastic eggs so that the boiled, decorated eggs are safe for eating.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love a classic deviled egg. Every now and then, though, I like to mix things up.

Six creative deviled egg recipes for leftover Easter eggs

Healthy Deviled Eggs | Buffalo Chicken Deviled Eggs | Avocado Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs | Apricot Curry Deviled Eggs | Mediterranean Deviled Eggs | Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Still have leftover eggs? Check out these fun dishes!

leftover egg recipes

Leftover Ham Salad | Classic Mustard Potato SaladSummer Picnic Potato Salad | Avocado Sriracha Egg SaladEgg Salad Quesadillas  | Egg Salad Sandwich with Bacon and Avocado | Sausage Wrapped Boiled Eggs


boiled egg cookies

And, let’s not forget dessert. Boiled Egg Cookies. Oh, yes. They exist.

I hope some of these recipes inspire you to dress up your leftover eggs this year! They’re so versatile and good for you!

This post was written as part of an ongoing relationship with Safest Choice. As always, all opinions are my own