Homemade Cheesy Onion Rings

Old Fashioned homemade onion rings recipe

So, I’m married. You guys knew that, right?

Let’s list the pros and cons of that situation, shall we?


  1. Someone to cuddle with
  2. Someone whose food I can steal when I’m too lazy to get up and find my own
  3. Someone cute to look at when I’m bored
  4. Someone to take out the garbage
  5. Someone to make fun of, because let’s face it, spouses have their dork moments
  6. Someone to beat in Mario Kart, because I AM THE WINNER ALWAYS SO THERE


  1. Never getting to order onion rings again, because your husband thinks onions are from the devil and he won’t share with you and you’re way too dainty to eat a full order yourself (in public)

I could go on a wee bit longer with the list of cons, but I mean, the onion thing is the most important on the list, so we’ll stop right there.

Sooooo, anyway. Sometimes a girl has to fry her own onion rings at home, because MEN.

Old Fashioned homemade onion rings recipe

I’ve shared an old fashioned onion ring recipe over on Tablespoon for you guys and gave it a little cheesy twist! You’re going to love this recipe!