Holiday Traditions & Folgers

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I know, I know. I’m talking about the Holidays again. But, y’all, they are right around the corner. They really are. And I, for one, am quite excited. Sure, the holidays can be hectic, but they are so much fun. I absolutely love the excitement in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

I know some people aren’t fortunate enough to live near their family and the holidays are probably a bit bittersweet for them. This year, Folgers is hosting an essay contest that will send you home for the holidays. A big cup of coffee and the holidays spent with your family…that sounds like a pretty nice Christmas gift to me.

We, like most families, have a few traditions that just have to happen for it to really, truly be the Christmas season in our house. My absolute favorite tradition doesn’t even involve food which is totally out of character for me. I generally like holidays because they mean big family dinners with twenty different side dishes to choose from. Oh, and the family all sitting around the table eating together, I guess that’s nice too.

Anyway, my favorite tradition: Each year I dig out all of our Christmas books and I wrap them in my fun Christmas wrapping paper. I try to wrap 25 books and have them ready to go on December 1, but sometimes I slack a bit and am a little late. Once the books are wrapped they are placed under the “kid” tree. (The kid tree is the ugly one that looks like Christmas threw up on it, the mama tree is the beautiful one filled with sparkly ornaments placed just so. Hey, I’m just being honest.) Each night before we go to bed, one of my kids gets to open a book. They aren’t all new books, in fact I usually only buy one new holiday book a year, but getting to unwrap them makes them feel new and extra special. Then I read them the book that was unwrapped as their bed time story. The next night it’s the other one’s turn to unwrap a book until we eventually read all the books ending on Christmas Day. It’s a wonderful tradition that my children enjoy and so do I.

It also helps fight the “Please can we open just ONE present early?” gene that they inherited from their mama.

Of course, we also bake lots of cookies, like these fabulous butter cookies. The kids get to decorate them and I don’t even yell when they dump an entire bottle of sprinkles on one cookie. It’s Christmas, after all! Sprinkle away!

We are also sure to make these tasty little Buttons every year. The kids really enjoy these because they can do every bit of it themselves without any help from mom. I enjoy the Buttons because, well, they’re yummy and just about impossible to walk by without popping at least one in your mouth. Wait, maybe that’s a bad thing?

This year, because family really is the best part of the holidays (even better than presents, but don’t tell anyone I said that), Folgers would like to know what the best part of wakin’ up at home for the holidays is. Enter their essay contest and you could win a trip home for the holidays. You can enter on their website HERE. Even if you don’t enter, you should click over just to play jingle bells with their musical ornaments. It’s quite fun.

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What holiday tradition do you hope your kids will keep alive when they grow up and become parents themselves?