Easy Sunday Meal Plan #38

An easy weekly meal plan!

Hi guys!

So, I dunno what you’ve all been up to this weekend, but I’ve been binge-watching House of Cards. Aaah, season 4 is already so much better than season 3 and I’m only on episode 6. I almost didn’t make it through season 3, but I’m glad I stuck it out. Anyone else watching?

I’ve also been eating like a crazy person for some reason. I’ve been so dang hungry all weekend. In fact, I think I need a cookie right now. Let’s see what’s on the menu for the week, shall 

Group Meal Plan - Tuesday
One Pot Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Group Meal Plan - Wednesday
Mushroom Marsala Gnocchi

Group Meal Plan - Thursday
Veggie Lo Mein

Group Meal Plan - FridayDATE NIGHT

Group Meal Plan - Saturday

Sweet Corn and Bean ChowderSaturday

Breakfast Corndogs
Group Meal Plan - Sunday
Bubble Up Carbonara
Group Meal Plan - Desserts

Carrot Cake Blossom Cookies

Easter Basket Cookie Cups
Dessert 2