My Dream House Tour!

Light, bright, and airy with pops of color and quirky decor! Welcome to my home tour!

Hi guys!

Just one quick question – has it really been 7 months since I moved into the dream home and promised you all a tour?

Man, I’m a flake sometimes.

It’s not that I forgot though. It’s just that I seriously underestimated the time involved in getting this house DONE. And also I thought there would come a time when it was all the way completely done and ha. Hahahahaha. No. Not even. Not ever. *sigh*

Anyway, let’s do a partial tour featuring all of the rooms that are presently decorated AND clean. So, like one room? One and a half? πŸ˜‰

The Living Room Reveal

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

The first thing you’ll see when entering the house is the foyer, but it’s not decorated yet. So, onto the living room.

You’ll be greeted by this little fluff ball, though, honestly she will likely be jumping all over you like a lunatic instead of sitting calmly. πŸ˜‰

The living room in this house is one of my favorite spaces. It’s super open to the kitchen and breakfast area, but still definitely it’s own space. I love the light that pours in through all of the windows, the fireplace makes me happy, and the size is absolutely perfect for us. Not too big and not too small.

I started out by purchasing all new furniture. We shopped around and I ended up falling in love with the styles at La-Z-Boy. Yes, I said style. At La-Z-Boy. If you’re anything like me, you would have expected a bunch of recliners, but dang. That is just not the case. La-Z-Boy has so much to offer and they’re all so stylish. It was the only store that I walked in to and got really excited about.

Of course, after walking for about 30 seconds in the store a sales associate came up and mentioned their interior designer program and I jumped all over it. They sent an interior designer out to my house to measure and get a feel for my style and then they created me the room of my dreams. I loved having her show me the best placement for the furniture, too!

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

The process from me walking in the store that first time to having a designer come visit to being shown her design took about 1 month. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on your store and how busy they are.

Anyway, the designer was a home run for us! She stuck with my vision of light and bright with pops of color. I wanted to bring home everything she showed me, but unfortunately I ran out of money. And also my husband was there to prevent me from burning a hole in the credit card. πŸ˜‰

La-Z-Boy is not a budget furniture store – everything is super high quality. The prices are reasonable for the quality of the goods, but they’re not cheap.

The above cabinet and coral lantern are from La-Z-Boy. The blue bird cage holds golf balls that we find in the backyard (we’re on a golf course).

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

Anyway, we ended up purchasing our couch, a chair and a half (the perfect size for our room – not as large as a love seat, but still big enough for two and undeniably the best seat in the house), and this gorgeous wood cabinet from La-Z-Boy. We also got a few accessories for the room, such as throw pillows, lanterns, and a vase.

After all of that, I ended up contacting La-Z-Boy’s marketing department to tell them how much I enjoyed the process and to see if they’d be interested in working together. They were! They sent me that gorgeous white media center you see as the centerpiece of our room.

Light, bright, and airy with pops of color and quirky decor! Welcome to my home tour!

Light, bright, and airy with pops of color and quirky decor! Welcome to my home tour!

I’m so obsessed with it. It’s even larger in person and really anchors the room, in my opinion. The wall that it’s on has 18 foot ceilings and is just the biggest dang wall – it runs the entire width of the house almost, so having something big on it really helps make it seem not so massive. I mean, nobody needs a blank wall that large in their house.

I also received the matching end table that you see with my (still very much alive, hallelujah) ponytail palm on it!

In exchange for those pieces, I promised to write this here little room reveal. Don’t tell them, but I would have written it anyway, because I love their products.

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

My side chairs are from Birch Lane. You can order free fabric swatches, which I did, before ordering a piece of furniture. They took a few weeks to arrive, but it was worth the wait knowing that I’d love the fabric.

The chairs are sturdy and they’re actually more comfortable than they look. They aren’t something I’d curl up in to watch TV, but I’m happy to hang out in them when we have a house full of people. The fabric seems really delicate, but I Scotch Guarded the heck out of them and so far, so good.

I adore this little basket with cozy blankets rolled up in it! It’s cute and super convenient to have the blankets right there for cozying up with.

Bright, colorful, and quirky gallery wall decor!

My gallery wall is probably my favorite decor in the whole house. Actually, there’s no probably about it. I freakin’ love it.

I purchased random frames from stores like Hobby Lobby, Gordman’s, and Home Goods. I didn’t really plan it out, but just purchased what I loved with the idea that once it all is grouped together, it’s going to look like it belongs, since it’s all “my” style. I’m happy it worked out for me. Ha.

The deer head is the one piece that everyone comments on. They either love it or they are nice enough to ask me why I have a fake deer head on my wall instead of straight out telling me I’m nuts. I think it brings the whole wall together in a fun and quirky way. It was between the deer head and a unicorn head. The husband thinks I should have gotten the unicorn, so I might get him one day and switch it out. We’ll see!

The arrows were purchased from Etsy, but I found the exact same onesΒ cheaper at Amazon. Hobby Lobby also sells them and they probably end up being even cheaper when they go on sale!


Light, bright, and airy with pops of color and quirky decor! Welcome to my home tour!

The coffee table came from Ashley Furniture, though I did spot it online after purchasing for about half the price on Joss & Main. Boo. But, it was still super reasonably priced and seems to be of good quality. (UPDATE: The coffee table is currently less than $200 at Joss & Main. Holy cow. Go buy it.)

I added a wood tray with a stack of cookbooks (my book is on top, because shameless self promotion, all day err day), topped with my little dino planter.

Just like my deer head up there, I think the fun little quirky pieces like that dino planter really make a room pop! Do you guys want a tutorial on how to make one of those cuties? I love him so much!

Some things to note about my experience with La-Z-Boy:

  • This furniture is literally the most comfortable furniture we’ve ever owned. People sit and then refuse to get up. I have to drag them out of my house if I want them to leave.
  • The sales staff were all very friendly. I really liked our designer in particular.
  • We were told it would take 9-12 weeks to receive our furniture after ordering. It took the full 12 weeks.
  • Delivery was excellent, though there were some mishaps with things getting lost in their warehouse. It was all taken care of quickly and correctly though and honestly, I believe it was just a result of our local store communicating with corporate for the media center – that’s not their standard way of operating and I think it just caused a few hiccups.
  • I highly recommend the fabric protection warranty. The fabric is sprayed with something to protect it and I’ve just been able to wipe it clean with water. No spots yet and my furniture is a very very light beige. We’ve had both mud and food spots on the couch, but it’s all come right off with a damp paper towel. (Updated February 2017 – still no stains! We’ve had strawberry margarita spilled on the couch and it wiped right off. My dog has walked her muddy little self all over it and it’s wiped right off. Love it!)

The Kitchen Reveal

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

Okay, is it really a reveal at this point? I mean, if you follow me on Insta or Snapchat (bunsinmyoven1), you’ve definitely seen my kitchen!

I love the amount of cabinets in here. We’ve been here for 7 months now and I still have empty shelves. This is something of a miracle.

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

The drawers next to the stove are where my pots and pans live and it’s basically the most brilliant set up ever. Kitchen tools in the top drawer (tongs and such), skillets in the middle drawer, and pots in the bottom drawer. So much nicer than a cabinet full of everything.

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

I always struggle with decorating a kitchen, but I did purchase this cute little wine holder along with a jar for the corks. Funny story – our favorite wines all use screw tops. I ordered a bag of used corks off of Amazon. I made my husband promise not to tell anyone that story, but here I am. He’s so going to yell at me for sharing that little secret!

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

I really need to change that curtain over the window, but I have yet to do so. See what I mean about never being done? πŸ˜‰

I also have plans to update that backsplash and change out the counter tops, but it will be quite some time before we get to that point.

I worked with GE Appliances right after we moved in to update the kitchen with new appliances. I shared a recipe on the blog featuring each of the appliances. Check them out here: S’mores Pudding, Pumpkin Donuts, Pumpkin Oatmeal Bars, and Cake Batter Blondies.

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

I love how open the kitchen is to the living room. I laugh at everyone on HGTV talking about open concept nonstop, but it really is so nice! Our last house was not open concept at all, so I’m happy with this change.

The Breakfast Nook Reveal

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!Okay, so this is just a little section off the kitchen and living room with an adorable table and some colorful chairs. There’s not much a lot to show here.

The table is from Overstock. Highly recommend both for the price and the quality. Shipping was super fast too. I think it arrived the day after I hit submit order and my husband and I were both in shock.

The chairs are Sauder and they’ve held up pretty well, considering we use them daily. There are a few scratches on the seats from people with bling on their butts. πŸ˜‰ The price was definitely right though and I’d purchase them again.

breakfast nook table

I’d love to add some wall art, but it’s all windows all the time, so there isn’t a lot of space for that, unfortunately. I love the light though, so I’m not complaining.

I do need something over the window – maybe a piece of old wood with a fun quote? We also keep going back on whether or not we want curtains. I like that they “finish” a room, but our house sits on a golf course, so it’s fairly private out there. We’re also getting an inground pool dug back there in the spring, and I know the view is going to be my favorite. I think I like it all open. What do you think?

The patio door leads out to a covered porch and then down into the backyard. I’ll be doing a reveal on the yard this summer – after the pool is dug out and installed. Yes!! Can. Not. Wait.

The Dining Room Reveal

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

Okay, so in our old house, the dining room was my favorite room in the whole house. It was the one room that was DONE. I decorated it with a mixture of old and new and I loved that room. Retro modern, vintage modern, I don’t know what the style would be called, but it was funky and it was me.

Aaaaaand, now I’ve gone a bit in another direction here and the room just doesn’t fit with the design of the rest of the house as much. It will be a long, long while before I’m able to update it, so I’m just sharing it as is. I love it, I just wish it flowed better. Ya know?

Welcome to my home tour! Come on in and take a peek around at all my home decor!

I love the look of the super modern chairs with the rustic table. We had the table hand built from 100+ year old barnwood. It’s a gorgeous piece of furniture, but I’ll readily admit that it’s hard to clean in all the nooks and crannies after the kids have eaten there.

distressed hutch

The same guy who built our table found me that hutch. It was originally just the original stained wood, but he painted and distressed it and added on a gorgeous top for me. It wins Favorite Piece of Furniture status, though that “abc” cabinet in the living room comes in at a close second.

dining room

The whiteΒ wine cabinet is from Wayfair and the top is almost like a wood grained foam. It’s also pure white with just a teensy bit of distressing. It looks nothing like the photo shown on the Wayfair site. Do not recommend. At all. You win some and you lose some, I guess. The price was nice, though!

The curtains, because people always ask, are from Pier 1. I love them and their funky pattern.

dining room decor

One more shot of my hutch, because it’s my true love. <3

Interested In More?

So, I didn’t know how far to go with this. Would you also be interested in seeing bedrooms and bathrooms? We’re putting in a theater room right now. The basement family room has become my son’s Museum of Old Weapons. My office is usually a disaster, but maybe you’d like to see where I work?

Your wish is my command! You know, assuming I get the willpower to clean all of these spaces and put the finishing touches on them all. So, maybe in 20never?

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La-Z-Boy sent me the media center and end table pictured above in exchange for writing this post. As always, all opinions are 100000000% my own.