Compound Butters


Raise your hand if you’ve ever secretly licked the butter knife. You know, just to clean it up. Help make it easier for the dishwasher. You’ve done that, right?

I mean, I certainly haven’t, but maybe you have?

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Anyway, imagine licking that butter knife clean when it’s smothered in a garlicky herb butter. Now that is some flavor right there, you guys. Imagine that garlic herb butter melting on top of a juicy piece of steak? Or spread into a fluffy dinner roll?

Compound Butter #recipes by


What about butter blended up with some raspberries and a little sugar? Imagine spreading that on an English muffin and calling it breakfast. My word, you guys.

Compound Butter #recipes by

I’m sharing recipes for easy, flavorful compound butters over on Craftsy. Click here for the recipes!