Chocolate Donut Holes, Freezer Meals, Thanksgiving dishes, and more!

Hi guys!

I know! It’s Sunday. What am I doing here? I’m supposed to be sleeping in and begging my husband to go pick up donuts and not showering until noon. <—- Kinda like every other day of the week. The shame is crippling.

But, I’ve been up to lots of things all around the web lately and I wanted to pop in and let y’all know about it! I wouldn’t want you to miss a single delicious recipe. Also, it makes me feel important to imagine you guys sitting at home wishing for more of me. You do do that, right? Just nod and smile. Nod. And smile.

So, first up, I started a new writing gig for! This means I’ll be sharing 4 recipes there every month. Can you even? So exciting.

Baked Chocolate Donut Holes

First up, we have these Chocolate Baked Donut Holes that, bee tee dubs, are perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. Especially if you can con someone else into making them for you! They’re baked in a mini muffin tin, so you really don’t need any fancy equipment and definitely no pots of boiling oil. These are super simple.

cinnamon glazed baby carrots

Also, not to worry, Thanksgiving is coming up and I have a perfect, EASY side dish for you! Cinnamon Glazed Baby Carrots…even my kids eat these and they’re not big carrot fans. I’m in love with these because they’re good enough for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, but they’re quick enough for a weeknight side dish!

What? That’s not enough recipes? You need more? Fine.

banana nutella cake bars recipe

How about these Nutella Banana Bars? They start with a cake mix, which means they are easy to the peasy and since they’re loaded with bananas, you can just go ahead and eat this with your coffee and call it breakfast. I won’t judge.

So, not only am I now writing for, I’ve also started writing articles for’s online magazine, The Good Stuff. I’m a busy girl.

freezer ready casseroles collage w

So far this month, I’ve shared an article featuring 9 freezer friendly casseroles that are perfect for these cold winter nights! I mean, I know it’s technically fall, but according to that white junk on the ground outside, it’s close enough to call it winter.

What else have I been up to this week?

Well, I’ve been obsessively applying this lip balm I just discovered. My husband died a slow and agonizing death when he realized that I paid $30 for what he calls Chap-Stick. But I just keep smothering my lips in it and feeling all fancy and luxorious. Seriously, my lips get so chapped and gross in the winter and this stuff has been a life saver. It’s pricey, but I’m in love with it!

We’ve also been busy with school. Homeschooling a 9th grader is both harder and easier than I anticipated. He’s in high school, so he’s pretty independent (the easy part), but when he does need my input I basically just shrug and point him towards his father, google, the next door neighbor, and maybe once even the mail man. I had to help him dissect a frog a few weeks ago and that was basically the worst day of my life so far.

My daughter is in 4th grade, so I more or less already have a good grasp on what she’s learning (you know…mostly), but that girl does not like school and she is very vocal about it. I threaten to send her to public school daily. Oops. Did I just shatter your illusions of my idyllic homeschooling life? Well. The truth hurts.

And last, my husband has been out of town all week, which means SINGLE LADY LIFE. Is it wrong to say that single lady life is my favorite? We eat so much junk food and get take out for every meal possible and I don’t clean a thing until a few hours before the husband arrives home. It’s both disgusting and wonderful. I bought a dozen mini cupcakes the other day and told the kids we were going to eat them until someone puked. We each somehow consumed four and no one got sick. We’ll have to test full sized cupcakes during my next single lady week.  In the meantime, I’ll be glad to have my husband home to check the closet for monsters and take the trash to the curb.

Hope y’all had a fab week too! Be back Monday for a tasty Thanksgiving side dish full of bacon!