Chocolate Crescents

Alright, alright. I can hear you all rolling your eyes and looking at that picture saying “Oooh, Karly can open up a tube of crescent rolls and bake them! She’s magical!” Quit with the sarcasm, people.

Those crescent rolls up there are special. I really am magical! It’s true. You see, I took a boring (but delicious) tube of refrigerated crescent rolls and I opened it up. It was hard, lemme tell ya. Sometimes the tubes don’t pop the way they are supposed to! It’s horrible! And turrible. Just turrible. (Also, yes, I meant “terrible” but my husband says it with a “u” and I kinda like it.)

After I had those crescent rolls open do you know what I had to do? I had to unroll them! Oh, the work. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it!

Then I did something wild and crazy. Also, magical. Very magical, indeed.

I placed two squares of Hershey’s milk chocolate right in the center of each little crescent roll triangle. Then I rolled it all up, popped it in the oven, and sat back and congratulated myself on the magic that I had just created.

Seriously, y’all, the chocolate just transforms inside the crescent roll into something amazing. Chocolate is good, but chocolate baked in a crescent roll is super-fantastic. It’s almost like the frosting you lick off a donut. What? You don’t lick the frosting off your donuts? The crescent rolls really aren’t very sweet so they play against that yummy chocolate just perfectly.

Whether you make these for a super simple breakfast or totally easy after school snack, you are going to go nuts for these things. Absolutely nuts. In a good way, I hope.

Chocolate Crescents

  • 1 tube crescent rolls (I prefer Pillsbury)
  • 2 bars Hershey’s milk chocolate candy (you’ll have some left over for snacking on)

Pre-heat your oven per the directions on the tube of dough. Unroll each dough and place on the baking sheet. Place 2 small squares of chocolate in the center of each triangle of dough. Roll dough up in a crescent shape over the chocolate being careful to seal the edges so the chocolate doesn’t leak out. Bake as instructed on the crescent rolls packaging. Devour while warm with a glass of cold milk.