Cheesy Bacon Ranch Bread

Don’t freak out. I know I shared a version of cheesy bacon ranch bread not too long ago, but this one is much simpler. There is no yeast. No kneading. No rise time.

This one takes less than 10 minutes of hands on time and only needs 20 minutes in the oven.

You can make this, is what I’m saying.

You’ll just have to click on over to Aiming Low to do so.

Why? Because a.) I said so and b.) I write there now. I’m excited about this and you should be too.

Aiming Low is full of hilarious women being all funny and stuff and I’m beyond honored that they asked me to be a part of their group. It’s like I’m back in high school, but instead of being that nerdy girl who named her favorite sweatshirt “Big Blue” I’m the popular girl who went tanning and worried about her nails. I feel like I have to mention that you’ll find quite a few eff bombs over there, so if that kind of thing is offensive to you, then I apologize. You’re missing out on some awesome writers. You will not, however, need to worry about my posts. I’m keeping it clean and family friendly, as always.

So, get clickin‘.