Breakfast Recipes, Homemade Coffee Drinks, & Fun Popcorn Snacks!

Hi guys!

Happy Saturday. I’m currently on a plane headed to Disney World with the husband and kiddos. So excited!

I feel like such a kid at Disney. I wander around stating how magical everything really is. Because, guys. It’s so magical there. For reals.

We bought these Chilly Pads for keeping us cool in the hot Florida sun, but then we remembered that it’s January and it looks like we won’t need them. I’m both happy about that (60-70 degree weather is MY FAVORITE), but also sad, because I love the Chilly Pads! Have you ever tried them? They’re pretty rad.

Anyway, I thought I’d pop in and link up all the things I’ve been up to lately around the web. I’m a busy lady, you know.

8 fun and unique popcorn recipes!

First up, I shared a round up of all kinds of fun popcorn treats. Like, forget butter and salt. That’s so 1999. You need some cilantro lime popcorn. Or some animal cracker popcorn. Lots of fun and unique treats to be found over on Parade! 


You can also find me over at sharing some healthy breakfast options that you’ll love. I mean, it’s still January. Eat some healthy stuff, yo. 


And, of course, you can’t start your day off without some fancy coffee, right? These homemade drinks are cheaper and probably a bit healthier than what you’d find at your local joint. Git ya some.

That’s all I’ve got, guys! Thanks for following me all over the place and reading all the many, many words I write.

Enjoy your weekend!

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