Bourbon Pecan Pie Milkshake

bourbon pecan pie milkshake recipe

I have a really bad habit of over-complicating things.

I bet you do, too.

Let’s test it. (Don’t run! This test is easy and fun and I’ve made every single person I’ve come in contact with for the past week take the test!)

Let’s say that you need to make a pecan pie milkshake. What would you do?

bourbon pecan pie milkshake recipe

Now, most of you are probably doing what I did and over-complicating things. You’re imagining yourself adding pecans and ice cream and maybe something gooey like maple syrup or corn syrup to a blender. Maybe even tossing in some cookies or something for the crunch and flavor to replicate the pie crust.

You people fail the test. You make things harder than they really are! Which is exactly what I did until I had an epiphany. What should I add to my milkshake to make it taste like pecan pie? I should add pecan pie.

Oh. Em. Gee.

bourbon pecan pie milkshake recipe

You guys need to hop over to Stepable, where I plan to hang out at quite a bit in the future, to get the super simple step by step recipe for this outta this world good bourbon pecan pie milkshake.

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