A New Look!

Some of you have probably noticed my shiny new digs, but I wanted to take you on the official Buns In My Oven tour.

Grab some wine and prepare to be amazed.

Okay, so that may be a bit of an over-sell.

Grab your wine and prepare to see pretty stuff.

There. That’s better.

Let’s start at the top, shall we?

You’ll notice the new header, of course, but off to the right is a featured recipe. That will get changed weekly. Or, you know, how ever often I feel like. Don’t boss me around.

I hope the featured recipe will make you squeal just as much as it makes me squeal. Now the old recipes will have a chance to shine again! Yay!

Moving down, there is a gray menu bar. Off the right is a search function. Use it. It’s your friend.

Below that, on the right, is a blurb about me. You can click it to read more. You know, in case you find me interesting and just can’t get enough.

Keep scrolling down past the ads and you come to THE BOX. THE BOX is all capitalized because it’s just that fabulous.

In THE BOX, you will find all of the different ways to stalk me. Click them all! It’s okay. You don’t scare me. You can also explore the other two tabs in THE BOX to view my archives or different categories.

Below THE BOX, on the left, is a button. Feel free to grab it and share it on your blog. I’m not sure if people actually do that or not, but I thought I’d put it there just in case.

Under the button is a section titled “other yum-yums.” This is one of my favorite features. You’ll find links to some of my favorite food bloggers here, but the fun part is that these links will change just about everytime you check my site. It’s a surprise every time you visit! I love surprises.

Over in the far right sidebar, you’ll see more ads. Feel free to click on those and help a girl out. Or don’t. Whatev.

I think that just about concludes the tour. Please do not exit the ride until we have come to a complete stop.

Big thanks to Jessica of Southtown Creative for creating the new site, putting up with all of my whining, panicking, and change requests, and for just generally being a cool girl.