6 Reasons to Visit Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Being a blogger comes with a lot of perks and one of those perks is getting to spend time with other amazing content creators!

I’m lucky enough to call Jamie, Julie, and Amber close friends of mine, so when the idea of a girls’ weekend in sunny Orlando popped up, you know we all jumped at the chance!

We flew out to Orlando for a quick weekend trip to Disney with plans of eating ALL. THE. THINGS.

We were lucky enough to visit during the Festival of the Arts at Epcot. So many fun foods. Go check out my Instagram page to see all the goodies. I have them highlighted on my stories.

The Waldorf Astoria Orlando hosted us and I’m so excited to share with you just how much I enjoyed our stay. Though the Waldorf did comp our stay, I am sharing my own opinions below.

1. The food at the Waldorf Astoria is outstanding.

This was a food bloggers’ weekend, so we knew there’d be a lot of food. I did not, however, expect to be so blown away by the food at our resort.

Hotel food sometimes gets a bad rap, but we were all blown away by the goodness happening inside the Waldorf.

The restaurants are not just there to feed hungry guests, they are there to WOW them. Truly, the restaurants are top-notch.

photo credit: Julie Deily, thelittlekitchen.com

We started out at Zeta Asia where I nervously looked over the menu. I’m not a huge sushi fan, so I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to order.

That’s when I spotted the short rib bibimbap. Game. On.

I devoured every bite.

photo credit: Julie Deily, thelittlekitchen.com

We were also lucky enough to have dinner at La Luce.

Here in my home town, a fancy Italian dinner = Olive Garden. Yes, I am ashamed to type that, but you know…Midwest life.

I am happy to say that this Italian dinner was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

From the deep fried green olives stuffed with anchovies to the cheese pizza. < — Yes, cheese pizza that was so good I’m still talking about it months later.

The real star of the show, for me, was the bucatini all’amatriciana. Thick homemade pasta, flavorful spicy sauce, chunks of bacon – oh man. This was hands down the most amazing pasta I’ve ever eaten. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever even really eaten true pasta after tasting that dish. My life is sad here in the middle of all these corn fields. 😉

La Luce is a restaurant that I will for sure go back to the next time I’m in Orlando. It’s worth a trip, friends.

2. The service is impeccable. 

You would expect nothing less from the Waldorf Astoria, but I was still blown away by the small touches and friendliness of the staff.

From the room service to the staff at the front desk to the housekeeping staff, everyone was friendly and helpful.

3. Those beds, though.

I feel like a mattress can really make or break a hotel and I’m very picky about it.

I am downright IN LOVE with my mattress at home and put all other mattresses I sleep on up against. Not many beat it, to be honest.

Not to worry here – the bed was amazing and I slept like a baby.

4. Location, location, location!

Did you know that the Waldorf Astoria is actually located on Disney property? This is a total win for me, because I’m a Disney fanatic and we were there to spend time at the parks.

It was a nice change of pace to be out of the chaos of Disney (I love Disney, but YOU KNOW it is chaotic) without having to drive far. Stepping into the Waldorf Astoria was a bit like stepping into another reality.

The resort isn’t actually owned by Disney, so you won’t get to enjoy Extra Magic Hours like you would if you stayed in a Disney resort (bummer!), but the fact that it’s on Disney property means that it’s very close to the parks and you’re still able to take advantage of Disney’s bus system to travel where you need easily and quickly.

5. Those dranks.

We were lucky enough to have a full presentation on how cocktails are prepared at Bull & Bear.

At home, I pour a few things into a cocktail shaker and go about my life.

At Bull & Bear, they start with the smallest detail and perfect it, from the ice to the garnish.

Their cocktails are truly a work of art and they treat them as such.

I don’t remember what this flowery little drink was called, but I know that it was delicious.

Whether you have time for dinner or just cocktails at Bull & Bear, I don’t think I’d miss stopping by if you’re in the area.

6. Pretzel Croissants 

Okay, you guys. I’m back to the food. This one couldn’t be stuck in with the rest of the food though because it’s good enough to stand on it’s own.

The pretzel croissants were my breakfast staple. I don’t know why they were so outrageously good, but they really were. They were freshly made in the hotel each day and I could have eaten a pile of them every morning. The salty outside, the flaky insides, they were just magical and if I could have brought anything from my trip home with me, it would have been a bag full of pretzel croissants.

Will I visit Waldorf Astoria Orlando again? 

photo credit: Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Most definitely. I loved turning a Disney trip into something a little more upscale and special, which the Waldorf most definitely did!

Talk to me about your vacation plans this summer. I want to hear all of the fabulous places you’re planning to visit.