5 Ingredient Recipes To Beat The Dinner Rush!

5 Ingredient Recipes for easy weeknight meals!

Dudes. I get it.

You come home from work, there are short people running around jabbering at you, you’re staring longingly at that bottle of wine, your spouse is grumbling about being hungry, and you’re the one who is expected to feed everyone.


I mean, didn’t you just do this last night? And they’re hungry again?

Is this going to happen every day?

Sadly, it is. But I can help make it a little simpler!

I gathered up five of my favorite OH MY WORD, HOW AM I GOING TO GET DINNER ON THE TABLE  TONIGHT recipes all in one convenient spot for you. You need these recipes in your life!

So, CLICK HERE to head over to eBay where I’m sharing a bunch of family friendly dishes that will help you get dinner on the table in a jiffy. 

As I’ve just started working with eBay to create content for their site, be on the lookout for more fun and easy dinner options, how to guides, tutorials, etc. from me!

5 must make recipes that start with rotisserie chicken! Easy weeknight healthy dinners!

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