What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #162

Sooooo, today’s Wednesday, huh? My husband stayed home from work on Monday to help celebrate our son’s 16th birthday (omg) and now my week is entirely messed up. I’m not sure how I managed to get What’s Cookin’ Wednesday posted on the right day. It’s a miracle, that’s for sure.

Also, yes. My baby turned 16 on Monday. It’s ridiculous and I cried and stared at baby pictures and tried really hard to give him his birthday spankings, but he’s taller and stronger and faster than I am now. *sob*

Let’s console ourselves with food.


Yes. Just yes. BLT Dip from Sugar, Spice and Family Life


This looks like such a simple dessert! Easy Cherry Pie Bars from Baking Beauty


I mean, you guys know how I feel about pimento cheese right?? Pimento Cheese Straws from Take Two Tapas


Loving on this Chocolate Espresso Poke Cake from Dukes and Duchesses!


These Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce from Cooking with Curls look so fresh and tasty!


Well, this Almond Butter Chocolate Marble Cake The Baker Who Kerns is lovely. I want to eat the whole thing.


With a name like Kentucky Butter Cake from 5 Boys Baker, you know it’s going to be good!