What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #142

Good morning, peeps!

I’m hangry this morning. I’m doing this new thing where I actually try not to eat after 8pm for real instead of where I just pretend like “one or two chips don’t count at all!” and then that turns into “one or two bags of chips isn’t a big deal!” which turns into “when did these pants shrink so much?” So, basically I wake up starving. Things are very intense and a little murdery in my house until I get my breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, I wish I could eat every last one of these recipes for breakfast this morning. Are you a weirdo like me who loves random foods at breakfast? I think I prefer dinner food in the morning and breakfast food at night.


I mean, it’s a waffle. Topped with chili. Get in mah face. Chorizo Chili with Jalapeño Cornbread Waffles from Strawberry Blondie Kitchen


This cake is gorgeous! Applesauce Cranberry Bundt Cake from Cooking in Stillettos


Skipping the take out this week for this Mongolian Beef from Best of Long Island and Central Florida!

easy chocolate pudding pie

I would eat each layer one by one! Triple Layer Chocolate Pie from I should be Mopping the Floor.


This Ranch Buffalo Chicken Dip from Table for Seven is a favorite on game day!


That frosting, though. Ina’s Chocolate Cake with Mocha Frosting from Sweet & Savory by Shinee


I can just imagine the flavors going on in there! Crock Pot Apple Pear Cider from A Saucy Kitchen