What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #136

 You know, I’m just not sure about this slow cooker thing. I have dinner going right now and all it’s doing is making me hungry.
I’m not sure I’ll survive until lunch, if we’re being perfectly honest.
Of course, looking at everything you guys linked up is not helping either. Cake. Ribs. Mac and cheese. How am I supposed to function at all today? I just want the food in my face.
Story of my life.
My husband doesn’t like cake, but if he did, it would be this Banana Pudding Cake from Moms and Munchkins. I might try it out on him!
No, really. Is it dinner time yet? Chiquilies with Chicken and Black Beans from Pink Heels Pink Truck
They’re vegetables, so they must be healthy, right? Green Bean Fries with Sriracha Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce from Southern Krazed
Perfect for a Fall dinner! Maple Glazed Slow Cooker Ribs from Suburble
And this one is perfect for a Fall dessert! Apple Cake Sundae  from Honey and Birch
That drippy chocolate! I die. Mocha Chocolate Cake from Liv for Cake
I want to marry this Jalapeño Artichoke Mac and Cheese from Dizzy Busy and Hungry.