What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #128

Wednesday? Again? How does this keep happening, you guys?

I’ve been dreading this particular Wednesday because my little one is leaving for church camp for a few days. I’m not sure how I became the mom that dreaded this. I mean, kids are kind of obnoxious and normally I’m all like, go. Get out. I’ll see you later.

But my daughter and I have been bonding over nail polish and The Fosters and making pancakes together. It’s been lovely and I’m going to miss her. *sigh*

Anyway, let’s eat our feelings, shall we?


I’m always up for ice cream. Grilled Peach Ice Cream from About a Mom


Nachos for breakfast? I’m all over that. Breakfast Nachos from Totally The Bomb


How fun are these Caramel Apple Taquitos from Cincy Shopper?


Loving on this No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake from Real Life At Home!


I declare today salad day. Tandori Chicken Salad from Suburble


And cake day. Always cake day. Glazed Lime Cake from 5 Boys Baker


This Mousse Cake from Dieter’s Downfall is seriously making me drool.