What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #89

Happy Wednesday! I am living the life this week, you guys.

My husband was out of town this week (but gets back tonight and also, I have an alarm system and a dog and I’m a really loud screamer) and I did not do one single load of laundry. I did not cook one meal. I did not make the bed ever. The kids and I ate take out every night. We stayed in our pajamas all day. We lived it up, you guys, and there was no one around to judge us or roll their eyes.

Obviously I missed him, but the lack of grown-uppedness happening in this house was kind of awesome. I don’t have to start cleaning up for another few hours, so the party continues!


Look at alll the gorgeous colors in these {One-Skillet} Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls from Chelsea’s Messy Apron! Love it!


Have I mentioned lately that I love chocolate and peanut butter? Double Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies from Life with the Crust Off.

Beef Pot Pie Hand Pies1

Lord have mercy, I need these Beef Pot Hand Pies from I Thee Cook for dinner tonight.

Chili Bites in Mini Cornbread Cups 1

These little Chili Bites in Mini Cornbread Cups from The Kitchen is My Playground are exactly the kind of dinner/snack my kids go nuts for! And me too!


I can never make cakes as gorgeous as this Meringue Topped Chocolate Fudge Cake from Annie’s Noms, but I’m inspired to try!


Pumpkin all the things! That’s my motto. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies from Upstate Ramblings.