What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #14

Let’s get straight to the features from last week. Because they are fabulous and I just can’t wait.

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Meatloaf is my thang, you guys. I love it and I could eat it every day. Can’t wait to try this Marvelous Meatloaf.


Grilled Cheese with cheddar, pickled turnips, shredded veggies, and hummus. What the what? This sounds like the perfect summer lunch!


Tagalongs Rice Krispies Treats. Yesssss. These are my favorite cookies ever.


Um, am I really sharing two veggie sandwiches this week? Yes, I am. This Avocado Veggie Sandwich is screaming my name. I just love it!


Terrific Turkey Enchiladas…get in my face.


Annnnnnd, I must be on a sandwich kick, because this pizza grilled cheese sounds like the perfect late night snack.