What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #10

I’m out of town this week, stuffing mah face full of cheeeeeese. Yes, my job is horrible and awful and you should never be like me. Unless you like fabulous things like cheese. In which case, I’m the luckiest girl in the universe.

Anyway. Let’s talk about what amazing things were linked up last week.


Bacon Jam. Can you even?


Love these Mexican Shredded Beef Sliders topped with Avocado. Mexican sandwiches are my new thang.


Sweet and Spicy Chicken. Because, well, yes.


Can you fall into a sugar coma just from looking at photos? Because I think that just happened with these Reese’s Krispies Treats.


Whole Wheat 30 Minute Healthy Cinnamon Buns. No words. None at all.


I love crock pot meals and these Roasted Red Pepper Chicken and Pesto sandwiches sound amazing!