Neato Robotics Review & Giveaway!

Neato Vacuum Giveaway

Soooo, I know. This is a food blog and I’m about to show you pictures of my vacuum cleaner.

You’re scratching your head. You’re wondering how it fits. You’re thinking about clicking the red “X” at the top of your screen.

Here’s the thing, you guys. I do a lot of cooking. And a lot of TV watching. And a lot of blog reading.

The thing that you guys probably do a lot of that I do not do? Vacuuming.

And, nope. I don’t have dirty floors. I have a robot. A Neato XV-21, to be precise.

I figured that even though this isn’t food related, you guys would love this giveaway. I mean, it’s a robot. That cleans your floors. While you stuff cookies in your face.

So, let’s talk about this vacuum.

Neato Vacuum Giveaway

It’s magic. They should really just print that right on the package. I’ve been testing out the Neato XV-21 for about a month now and, no joke, I’ve only swept my hard floors and vacuumed with my regular vacuum once in that time frame. The rest of the time? My Neato has taken care of my floors completely. (Before the Neato, I swept around 3 times per week and vacuumed once a week – more if we were having guests.)

The Neato XV-21 is great for pet owners. I have a fluffy dog (who doesn’t shed, thank goodness) and a furry cat (who sheds like it’s going out of style), so we do have a good bit of hair around. Now, the Neato doesn’t specify children as animals, but we all know that they are even messier than our pets, so I’ll just mention that I have two of those as well.

I have been so pleased with all the dirt, hair, and bits of garbage this thing has picked up for me! And it’s so smart!

I press start, he vacuums the wood in my dining room, kitchen, and the top of my stairwell to the basement (and he doesn’t fall down the stairs!) and then usually heads back to the charging station to charge for a bit. I love that he can find his own way home! After he’s all charged up, he hits the hallway and living room for me. He’ll usually ask me to empty his bin sometime in the living room, which makes me happy because then I get to see all the work he’s done. If he gets stuck, he’ll beep for me and ask me to remove the debris from his left wheel or let me know that his brush is stuck. Did I mention that he’s very polite? Or that I think of him as a boy?

He’s like a family member, you guys. I cuddle him before bed each night.

Neato Vacuum Giveaway

So, the pros: He cleans for me. He’s polite and makes me happy. I enjoy watching him find his way home when he needs to charge. He picks up A LOT of dirt and has a special filter that is supposed to retain 3 times more dust particles than a regular vacuum filter! I rarely need to sweep or vacuum anymore. He’s quieter than a standard vacuum.

The cons: Even though he’s quieter than a standard vacuum, I get a little frustrated with him if I’m watching television and he pops in the living room to clean. Doesn’t he know that I’m in the middle of a Walking Dead marathon? He likes to squeeze under my coffee table and gets stuck there about 50% of the time. I just reach down and pick him up and move him, but I wish he would learn not to go under there. (And, yes, I realize that is asking a lot of a vacuum.) You still will probably want to vacuum around your baseboards every now and again as he leaves a 1-inch gap.

All in all, I can not recommend this thing enough. I’ve fallen in love with him and I hope you will, too!

How would you like to WIN one of these awesome little vacuums? Well, lucky you, I’m giving one away!

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Full Disclosure: I did receive a Neato XV-21 to review and one to give away to one of you, at no cost to me. I received no monetary compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.