What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #9

Ugh. Too much goodness coming through every week. Can’t even handle it.


Oh, hello, there gooey, melty triple chocolate Irish Cream Cookies. Nice to meet you. Get in my face.


We had spicy chicken sandwiches for dinner, but mine didn’t have bacon or cilantro slaw. I’m feeling very sad about that. Would it be weird to eat these Spicy Chicken & Bacon Sandwiches for breakfast?


I’ve been wanting to find the perfect snickerdoodle recipe and I think this may have just ended my search.


Flourless Chocolate Fudge Truffle Cake. Need I say more?


So, this is weird, because I don’t even like mushrooms, but I kind of want to put that entire pork chop in my mouth all at once and swallow it whole. It sounds so good!


I’m sorry, but that goofy little bunny face just made my day. I love it and I want to eat his cookie ears right off his head.