What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #8

Let’s dive right into the features this week, shall we? There are quite a few. I just couldn’t decide!


These Doritos Krispies Treats are confusing me. I love them. And, yet…Doritos? With marshmallows? Is this a dream? What is happening?  All I know is that I must try these.


These colorful little Fudge Topped Brownies are sorta irresistible.


I love that these Cherry Glazed Cinnamon Rolls start out with the refrigerated can of cinnamon rolls. What a fun way to jazz up breakfast!


I’m all about crock pot recipes and this Creamy Salsa Chicken looks amazing!


These Strawberry Cream Cheese Butterhorns look like a perfect Saturday breakfast for the family.


Peanut Butter Cup Bread. There are no words.


Another crock pot recipe! These sweet and sour pulled pork sandwiches are so meaty and juicy looking! (Eek! I just corrected the link, so it should link you right to the sandwiches now. Sorry ’bout the confusion!)