International Delight Light Iced Coffee

This post is sponsored by International Delight. As always, all opinions are my own.

internatonial delight iced coffee

Guys, have we talked about how much of a sissy-la-la I am when it comes to coffee? I mean, don’t get me wrong! I love coffee! I just happen to prefer it mixed with milk or cream and doused in sugar or flavored syrups. Sweet and creamy is where it’s at!

I was drinking sweet iced coffee drinks before sweet iced coffee drinks were cool, man.

I happen to have one of those one cup coffee machines that makes coffee super quick, but have you met me? I’m a little lazy. Also, busy. Those two things combined mean that I much prefer to have someone else make me my coffee!

I first saw the International Delight cartons of iced coffee last year and I snatched up one of each flavor.

Ugh. So good, I can hardly stand it.

Then they launched their new light versions and I snatched up one of each of those flavors, too! Currently they have Vanilla Light and Mocha Light. Both are fabulous, but I’m seriously excited for the Light Caramel Macchiato version to hit shelves this June!

They taste just like the expensive coffee house coffees, but they’re quicker, easier, and cheaper! Love it!

Oh, and did I mention that these new light flavors have 39% less sugar and are only 100 calories per serving?

internatonial delight iced coffee

I’ve been enjoying a tall glass of Iced Mocha Light with my breakfast every morning, and because the coffee is light I get to indulge on the breakfast food! Just wait til you see the donut recipe I’m sharing with you on Thursday! So, so good and we all know that coffee and donuts go together like peas and carrots. Only, you know, way tastier.

International Delight has also just launched some fun virtual games that you can play while you sip your coffee and win actual prizes! Check them out on facebook or follow them on Pinterest!