What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #5

Yo yo yo. Are we all still a bit hungover from the snack food we consumed this past weekend?

Not me. I can pretty much never get enough dip or chips or appetizers. I mean, I’m sorry, but I could live off that stuff. Who needs a three course dinner? Let’s just have snacks.

Anyway, on to the features from last week!


Um, speaking of main dishes? I must have lied. Because I could eat the crap outta this Chicken and Spinach Lasagna from The Unsophisticated Kitchen!


Oh, and have you heard? Valentine’s Day is upon us. Time to start making pink, purple, pretty foods like these little Chocolate Raspberry Pretzel Bites from What’s Cooking, Love?


I will never in my life get enough Buffalo flavored anything. So, here’s another buffalo chicken inspired treat from Half Baked Harvest. Soft Pretzels with Buffalo Cheddar Sauce.


Is it weird to be jealous of Jam Hands’ swirling abilities? My swirly foods never look as perfect as this Mocha Swirl Bread with Espresso Glaze!


And, let’s finish up the features with dessert. What Megan’s Making has outdone herself with these Cookies and Cream Cupcakes. Aren’t they gorgeous?!