What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #4

Are we seriously already four weeks in to What’s Cookin’ Wednesday? No wonder my pants don’t fit anymore!

This week I fell in love with pretty much everything y’all linked up, but my linky finger is getting tired, so here are my favorites!


Chicken Verde Wonton Tacos from The Girl Who Ate Everything. I wrote a really creepy post about how much I love The Girl Who Ate Everything awhile back, so I’m totally honored that she risked her life by linking these little bites of heaven up to me. Also, chicken verde is my life and tacos are my best friend. Yum.

Caramel Hot Chocolate Fudge

Caramel Hot Chocolate Fudge from Inside Bru Crew Life. Jocelyn gets so creative with fudge. I’m all lame, like, hey I made chocolate fudge! Not her. She uses hot chocolate mix and caramel. I sorta love her.


Chocolate Malt Whoopie Pies from Food Babbles. Alright, look. You can add malted milk powder to anything and I’ll eat it, but a whoopie pie? That’s so good it’s probably not even legal.


Let’s take a break from the chocolate for a minute and eat our veggies. These Spicy Sweet Potato Fries from A Kitchen Addiction are begging to be eaten. The family doesn’t usually go for sweet potatoes, but in fry form, anything is possible.


Since I’ve been on such a red velvet kick this week, I thought it only proper to share these Red Velvet Waffles. Also, I happen to love waffles and these are gorgeous!

Can’t wait to see what everyone came up with this week!