What’s Cookin’ Wednesday #2

Helloooooo, party people!

May I go all mushy for a moment and thank you all from the very bottom of my squishy little heart for linkin’ up last week? You have no idea how frightened I was to start up this little weekly love fest! What if no one linked up? It’d be worse than being picked last for dodge ball, you guys.

I am so very happy to say that I was not picked last. Y’all stepped up and made the very first What’s Cookin’ Wednesday something pretty darn spectacular! I’m so impressed looking at all of the goodies you’ve have been cooking up! Clicking around to your blogs has been a blast. I wasn’t able to comment on every single link, and I apologize if I missed you, but I did do my best to click through and check everyone out.

Now, on to the weekly features and then another linky!


I thought we’d start with the most clicked recipe of the week! Lady Behind the Curtain shared her Granola Garbage Sticks and they were a HIT! I can just picture my kids’ faces if I offered them something called a garbage stick. They’d be horrified and intrigued all at the same time. Pretty sure they’d gobble them right up.


And, hello, apparently there is a big game this weekend? I don’t know. I just hear that I should stock up on chips and dip for the husband. Wouldn’t he, like, DIE if I made this cake batter dip snackadium from Crazy for Crust. He totally would.


Um, Strawberries and Cream Bundt Cake? Yes. Just yes. Thank you, Chocolate, Chocolate, & More. I will now be craving this gorgeous bundt cake all day.

pretzel bites

Speaking of football, while the boy is distracted watching I could probably make these pretzel bites with cheese sauce from Mostly Food and Crafts and eat them all myself. You didn’t think I was going to share them with him as a game day snack, did you?


Sooooooo, yes. I do like to pretend I’m five years old and eat chicken nuggets all day long. Don’t judge me. These copycat Chik-fil-a nuggets from Mandy’s Recipe Box are just gorgeous and I love how perfectly golden they are!

Alright, party people! Time to link up what you’ve been cooking this week! I can’t wait to see all of your creations. Please take a minute to click around and visit the others, pin what you see, and leave some love!