A Change of Plans

Yo yo yo.

Can I still say that? I’m 30 years old and it’s 2012, so…probably not. Pretend that didn’t happen, mkay?

I have some serious business to discuss with y’all today.

You might remember that I was planning on going to Nicaragua in January. Well, my plans have changed, unfortunately, and I thought I’d get all explainy.

So, refresh my memory. You were going to Nicaragua because why?

I was going to Nicaragua to work with an amazing organization, Empowerment International. They run a school for children living in the barios (the slums). This school has a photography program that gets the kids excited about attending and gives them a creative outlet. I had planned to head down to Nicaragua and work alongside Empowerment International teaching the children photography.

Sounds awesome! But, um, why aren’t you going now?

It does sound awesome and I’m super sad that I’m not going to be able to make it. The thing is, my baby brother is having some serious medical issues. (And 26 years old is still a baby to me, since I’m all old and in my 30s now.) Without getting into too much detail (after all, I’m sure that if he wanted the world to know his life story, he’d start his own blog), some issues cropped up a bit before Thanksgiving. We all believed he’d just magically get better or that one of the many doctors he visited would figure out what was going on and fix him. He’s been getting steadily worse and the doctors and specialists he’s seen have no idea what is happening. We’ve actually had doctors shrugging their shoulders, which is not a super inspiring or comforting sight. As you can imagine, this has been extremely difficult for my family. My parents watch their child writhing in pain day in and day out with no end in sight and we all sit back and feel helpless. We’re not sure how he’ll be doing when when I’d be scheduled to go to Nicaragua, so I’ve decided it would be best to just stay close to home for the time being.

What about the money I donated?

You guys seriously brightened my world a little bit each time a donation came through. No matter how small or large, I was beyond grateful. That money went directly to Empowerment International and that’s where it will stay whether I go to Nicaragua or not.ย  That said, I completely understand if you were donating money for ME to go to Nicaragua. Now that this trip isn’t happening, I would be happy to refund you the money that you donated from my own pocket. I’ll be sending out an email to each and every one of you who donated with an offer to send you the same amount you donated. I don’t want anyone to feel taken advantage of or like I’ve tricked you as that was not my intention in any way.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Well, aren’t you sweet for asking! And, as a matter of fact, there is. We would love your prayers and healing vibes for my brother right about now. He is having a very difficult time and it would mean the world to my family if you would take a minute and say a prayer for him.

Sounds good. Are you done talking my ear off now?

Well, one last thing. I had asked some amazing bloggers to stop by and share recipes with y’all while I was in Nicaragua from January 6-12. They worked really hard to come up with some ridiculously yummy recipes, so I plan to (mostly) take that week off to spend with my family while they share their treats with you. Otherwise, things should be moving along as normal from here on out.

Oh, and by the way? 2013 is going to be an awesome year here on Buns In My Oven. I can’t wait to reveal all of the fun things coming your way.

That’s all I got. Over and out.

Updated: I’ve sent out emails to everyone who donated. If you did NOT get one, please shoot me an email at [email protected] or check your spam folder. Thank you!